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General Hospital Spoilers – FULL UPDATES [2021]

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital, an American daytime soap opera which is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest-running American soap opera in production, and the second in American history after Guiding Light. It’s created by Frank and Doris Hursley and written by Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten. Selmur Productions produced it from 1963 to 1968 and Walt Disney Television produced it from 1968 to the present. ABC is its distributor. Now let’s go to the spoilers for the upcoming weeks in which few characters make tough decisions related to their life while someone apologies to others.

GH spoilers for January 22:

Alexis who keeps on making mistakes goes to make an apology to people. So, let’s see to whom does she stops apologizing for the first time. Franco is hoping for his dad Scott to help him while Liz shows that she’s angry with Jason and lets him know that. Joss offers help and support to Carly when she needs it the most which clearly explains the reason for Jax‘s anxious feeling.

GH spoilers for January 25:

Carly will be needing help and she’ll go to someone so let’s see to whom she goes to ask for help. Ava‘s nature doesn’t include to work for making peace but she decides to intensify and help create peace. Maxie takes up the bad situation upon her so that it can’t become worse. But we’ll see how much she’s able to manage the situation.

GH spoilers for January 26:

Willow will make a decision and now Michael has to make a decision considering his next move. Finn will go to Jackie for questioning, hoping that she’ll answer them although Jackie is the one who always asks questions from everyone. Anna and Jordan will be taking out time to connect to themselves. Curtis and Portia will also be shown connecting to themselves. Bobbie will be seen trying to distract Ava, but it’ll be interesting to see how much he’ll be able to succeed.

GH spoilers for January 27:

Michael‘s wife will be seen as a support for Sasha when she’ll be needing that. Willow will be seen showing hate towards Sasha because they went through a lot of a hard time. It’ll be interesting to see if Peter regrets publishing an article to get his voice heard by the general public. Luckily Elizabeth finds someone willing to help her while she needs the same. Valentin lays bait for Jan and Nina but they’re able to escape through that so she might need to try again. Nikolas finds himself trapped because of a lot going on in his head, so let’s see how much he’s thinking about his wife Ava.

GH spoilers for January 28:

Lucy and Carly are about to do something which we’d have never thought. They’re planning to do something challenging which can only be done by a person who’s either so brave or so silly to do something like that. Valentin is seen to be there for helping Nina as she continues looking for the answers to her questions. Gee is seen to be wondering if he has some other motive? Curtis will be seen accepting that he does not knows everything about relationships and he’ll see things from a distinct frame of mind. Alexis will be seen going to the hospital with her daughter. There’re chances that the deteriorated attorney might have realized how she needs help. Jason and Britt come up with some other game plan for attacking. But it’ll be interesting to see if Jason is paired with his BFF Carly.

GH spoilers for January 29:

Nina will be seen allowing her curiosity to be aroused. Olivia has been trying to solve some mysterious things for a long time and now she’ll be seen to be more confused while solving those mysteries. Elizabeth will be seen taking Jason with her to the task. Alexis will be comprehending and finding out har far she went in her life and it’ll be interesting to see if she tries to get back to her normal life. Monica withstands certain guests a lot so will she try to realize them that it’s her house, not theirs. 

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