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[Updated] 17+ Free Chegg Account Usernames & Password [2023]

Chegg is an amazing technology company which provides digital and physical textbook rentals. Here is the information regarding “Free Chegg Account“. How you can get them and use it for your benefit.

free chegg account

Making assignments is really boring and tough. But it is necessary to do it. Researching for the right files for assignment is very crucial though. Chegg can help you do that easily.

But it asks for money to provide that service for sure. Surfing online for the material will be quite easy if you use Chegg instead of doing it manually.

The problem is you need to pay a subscription fee of 14$ per month, for getting assistance for free. For any student who needs assistance for academic purposes, Chegg can be the best option.

If you are the one who can’t afford paid fees. You have landed on the right place.

Also, you might not be able to get a Chegg study account but you will surely get a limited access one which you can use but it will be of no use. Why?

Think of yourself what you will do if the article ends right here?

You need a complete document to know about a particular topic. Chegg provides you with a different package which starts from $14 per month. Quite Expensive!

How to Get Free Chegg Accounts?

There are two ways to access Chegg documents:

  1. Using free trial.
  2. Using Free Chegg Account

Using the Chegg Free Trials (28 Days):

The free trial lasts for 28 days. You can try it too.

Trial account will basically provide you access to all the resources for free only for the next 28 days from the date you sign in.

They will ask for your payment details before it.

As soon as 28 days end. You need to manually cancel the subscription in order to save yourself from paying the fee.

To access this free trial follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit Chegg.com. Then click on “Try Chegg Study
free chegg account singin
  • Step 2: SignUp at Chegg entering all your details asked. And finish creating your Chegg account.
free chegg account
  • Step 3: Apply for Free Trial. After you have successfully created the account. You then need to add payment information. And then apply for a free trial.

Don’t forget to cancel the membership after 28 days. Or it will automatically extend you to the paid membership after the free trial ends.

Using Free Chegg Account:

This will be using accounts provided by cshawk team. Using this you can directly access all the material.

But remember not to use it unethically and team cshawk [cyberspacehawk.com] is not responsible for anything you do.

1. johndaniel@gmail.comdani1#
2. maghini32@yahoo.commagi21
3. johnalex@gmail.comalex123
4. Micheal02@aol.commic1999
5. chegg@mailinator.comDontChangeIt0
6. chegg@mailinator.comChegg.com
7. lhour42@gmail.com13331333choungchantima
8. senga0000053411070
9. Carldeosupnetjustdoit09z
10. BIrdt3nb12345678
11. amirgui20especial600
12. u8vmg3wm@gmail.com8i6-gxp-18c
13. 5i0xwd@gmail.comyi4-0ax-b6j
14. amirgui20 especial600
15. 7dep0lj@gmail.comnj2-e9v-v7r
16. 94omg0w6q@gmail.comdk4-7sz-4xc
17. 3syho9ug@gmail.comrtd-nns-cwx
18. nd6mra47p@gmail.com1w9-a6h-uy5
19. Carldeosupnet justdoit09z

Accounts that are not working are filtered out from our list.

If you find the above accounts not working. Kindly comment down below. Team CSHAWK will remove it asap.


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Disclaimer: Team CSHAWK is not responsible for anything you do online. Also, we do not recommend using free Chegg account. This article is only for educational purposes. You are responsible for everything you do online.


We have discussed two ways by which you can access Chegg paid accounts for free. We have even mentioned Free Chegg Account which gives you direct access to it. If something is not working or is outdated. Please let us know via the comment section below.

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