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Fairy Tail Season 10 with Natsu Dragneel: Full Details!

Fairy Tail Season 10

Fairy Tailconcluded last year with a saga finale of the ninth season, and now their otakus and weebs are promptly waiting for Fairy Tail Season 10. If we’re ever going to make the list of the most prominent anime series, then one can’t ignore the name and fame of Fairy Tail which made a spesh place in the heart of their fan.

It’s one of the long-lasting anime shows, reason for this was the support it received from itsprodigious fan following and even critics couldn’t stop themselves from eulogizing this, which led this to fortuitously accomplish its story.

Fairy Tail is an immensely popular, Japanese ‘fantasy anime’ television series which is grounded on a manga series of the alike name by Hiro Mashima.

It was first brought out on August 2, 2006, and thenafter a gap of 11 years the final volume was published on July 26, 2017. Betwixt its publication, it was chosen for an anime television series, and it made its way to viewers’ screens on October 12, 2009.

It’sinaugural fetched a significant reaction from the viewers, and subsequently the anime series ran fortuitously all around nine series. The most recent season got premiered on October 7, 2018, and concluded on September 29, 2019. Thenceforth, one and all is waiting for the tenth season.

FairyTail Season 10: Upcoming Status!

Fairy Tail Season 10

It appears like the most speculated and adventurous anime series has hitherto outreach its end line. The show makers nixed the anime series following its ninth season.

The Season 9 got summed up with a genuine and most accepted conclusion, binding up all the characters in the best possible way they could’ve done,without bereaving any loose end in the storyline.

Otakus and weebs all around the world are watching this series for now almost a decade so it’s hard to let their favourite anime go.

In advance of another season, it so vivid from the conclusion in the ninth season that it was the last season of the show. So until the creator of the anime, Hiro Mashima, decides to renew the show. However, one can’t thoroughly rule out the possibility of a sequel series or spin-off. Besides, the voice-cast of the show is also keen on continuing the series.

Ample content available for tenth season?

The ninth season of Fairy Tailpresented two of the last story arcs named the Avatar arc and the Alvarez arc. It presented a total of 51 episodes. The starting seven episodes recommenced the Avatar arc from the preceding season, which used49th to 51st volume of the mangaas its source material.

The final 44 episodes from the Alvarez arc, which presented Natsu’s ultimate fight with his rivals AcnologiaandZeref, used52nd to the final 63rd volume of the manga seriesas its source material. And that clearly shows, the final season drained all the available source material and left nix for Fairy Tail Season 10. 

Chances for anime to return?

As told before that the makers of the show already drained all the available source material, so if they wish to resuscitate the anime then they have to originate the plot and storyline for it.

And since the last season wrapped up the storyline in such a way that nothing is left untied so they have to start from the scratch. And certainly Hiro Mashima will never be willing to revert the superb denouement of the manga and the anime series.

But, worry not,Mashima, the creator of the Manga is already working on a new write-up which sets out as the continuation to the primal story named Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest. We aspire to see it acquiring an anime adaptation shortly.

Fairy Tail Season 10: Release Date

As is known, the anime got ended up in a superb fashion with nothing left to be screened so it’s infeasible to speculate the release date of the entity which doesn’t even exist. But nevertheless, the creators have emancipated plenty of side stories. So one can’t kick out the possibility of seeing a new Fairy Tail movie or some OVA(Original Video Animation) episodes in the future.

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