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Download Dreams of Desire Latest Apk | Android

DREAMS OF DESIRE is an adult game that is not the same as a porn game but contains some adult content. This game is the favorite one for exploring graphical adventures for over 18’s. It is adapted for Android.


What is Dreams of Desire?

Dreams of Desire features a young man whose hormones are touching the sky and ready to break limits. The entire game revolves around him. 

His father forces him to go to the military academy which he never wants but he had to.

He has just completed his high school and has a whole summer in his hands to enjoy before going to the academy.

He enjoys this time his best. He did never show the slightest interest in soldiers and all. He looks around the world, especially at women, and gets turned on. 

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What is your role in it?

You play the conversational game as the main character. You have to help him to turn the conversation smoothly and not jumping straight into the point. Otherwise, he gets nothing and ends up brushed off.  

He wishes to date every woman he meets and you have to hold the conversation to give it the required direction.

Characters of Dreams of Desire:

  • Mrs. Turner
  • Tracy
  • Alice
  • Aby
  • Jenna
  • Latisha

The support characters get some spots as well. Our leading hero tries to hook up with every woman he crosses by to satisfy his needs.

Dreams of desire is a story full of mysteries, love, and power.

It is a great combination of tasty stories that make you sit to play for hours. Beware or you will be addicted. 

Security Issues playing Dreams of Desire:

Team CSHAWK never suggested anyone to play these types of games.

As they can truly hurt your privacy. And when I say that I mean it!

Suppose, you are playing this game. Without taking any of the security measures.

What if they’ve got access to your webcam?

Apps like this (not dreams of desire only) can easily do that.

They can capture all the images of your and leak it on the web.

CSHAWK has no motive to give you anything which hurts you.

Also, our website is based in India. Indians are different people. Visit once you will never leave 🙂

I am no one to guide you for sure. But please watch the below video.

YouTube video
You need to watch this 1000%.

Download Dreams of Desire For Android:

After you press the button below. Downloading will start automatically.


During the game:

Try to avoid pleasing your lust on the first day of the game. You may earn ‘lust points’. 

You can skip some scenes if required but avoid skipping shower. 

Praise wherever and whoever you can in a decent way. It may be the food, the cleavage, just praise. It makes you earn ‘confidence points’. 

Help the characters whenever you can like choosing a dress for Mrs. Turner, helping Tracy in decision making. 

Try to save the game at any cost to give you joy for longer days. Don’t get drove away by feelings every day. 

Choose to sleep early at night as it gives you more opportunities in the morning.

In the latter days of the game, you get more chances to link with women depending on how you treated them initially.  

Enjoy private sessions. 

This was the game’s brief walkthrough. You will explore more while playing the game. Focus on the right conversations. 

The story revolves around power and corruption. Graphics used in the game are tempting and exciting. 

The young leading character stumbles upon an old book to discover new things and aims for changing the course of his life. You need to help him in all aspects. 

During the journey, he certainly has to pay something. 


The story is soft cored, fantasy-inspired and exciting. You won’t be quitting any play until you solve mysteries. 

Since the game is not dubbed in all languages, it is slightly difficult for some users. 

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