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Dreams of Desire – Download Latest Android Apk

Dreams of Desire is an adventurous adult game (18+). The game revolves around a young man, straight out of high school. Instead of going off to college, he is off to the military in just a few months, at t he wishes of his father. The protagonist has no interest in those plans whatsoever and wants to enjoy while he can since he will not be getting to have fun in college.

 The game’s aim is for the protagonist to date or hookup with the women that come across his path without being explicitly obvious. This aim depends on the choices we make and the conversations we play out for the main character. While doing so, the player must also make sur that the protagonist does not end up getting caught or in some embarrassing situation!

Dreams of Desire

Dreams of Desire is an immensely popular game that has once again revived its popularity due to visual novels making a comeback. Although this game is not exactly pornographic, it is meant only for adults. As it does contain lewd and explicit imagery and animation which is not advisable for young children. If you would like to enjoy this adventurous game, then the steps for installation are quite simple. Follow the below guidelines to enjoy your game!

This game is only available for Android systems, so make sure you have got that, at least version 4 or higher. It also requires the user to enable Installation from unknown resources as the game is not available on play stores or app store. Therefore, to download the game, one must download and install the APK file on their device.

Dreams of Desire


Steps to download – Dreams of Desire

  1. Go to the URL for downloadingDreams of Desire on your device (Laptop, Desktop, PC, Mobile)
  2. Click on the link.
  3. After clicking on the link, the user will get a warning message.
  4. The message will read “Allow apps for unknows resources”. Click on Allow/Yes and proceed.
  5. Some users may even get yet another warning message that says, “this time of file may harm your device”.
  6. Dismiss the message and continue as usual.
  7. You can see the downloaded PK file at the bottom or top of your screen depending on the device you are using.
  8. Click on it and installation will start.
  9. You can now play the game for free and enjoy.

Dreams of Desire is an interactive and adventurous game for people who like visual treats in their games. However, based on the high rating of tis game, one might want to give it a try. Do not download the apk file or play the game if you are under 18.

The creator of the game, a middle child, was inspired by his own story when he was a high school student and was being sent to military just like the character in the game.

As of late, the game has been made available for different operating systems apart from android as well. Such as macOS, Windows, iOS etc. but searching for its installation file may be a little difficult.

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