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Disjointed Season 3 – Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Disjointed Season 3

Disjointed season 3 is likely to be the third season of the very popular American streaming television comedy series named Disjointed. It was created by David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre. Disjointed starred the very Kathy Bates. Warner Bros had ordered for 20 episodes for Disjointed by Netflix. The first ten episodes were premiered on 25th day of August 2017 and another set of 10 episodes premiered on 12th day of January 2018. The series of Disjointed got canceled by Netflix on 14th day of February 2018. It is noted that this happened because their first original multi- cam sitcom.

Disjointed was categorized in genre of comedy and its star cast was Kathy Bates, Aaron Moten, Elizabeth Alderfer, Tone Bell, Elizabeth Ho, Dougie Baldwin, Betsy Sodaro and Chris Redd. The opening theme of Disjointed was ‘’Jack, I’ m Mellow’’ by Trixie Smith. The composer of the same was Joseph LoDuca and the country in which Disjointedoriginated was United States and the original language in which Disjointed came was English. David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre are the executive producers of Disjointed and Warner Bros Television Distributor was the distributor of Disjointed.

It has been a long period since the very eager fans of Disjointed are waiting for Disjointed season 3 as its second season has been premiered long back in 2018. However, it believed that the waiting period of the fans of Disjointed is likely to be extended as Netflix is still silent on any news regarding the next run of Disjointed. Many fans still believe that there is no more left to see in the world of Ruth where she tries to legalize Marijuana in America. There are still questions in the mind of the viewers of Disjointed that will Ruth ever succeed or will there be another season of Disjointed on Netflix or any other.

Disjointed Season 3

The story of Disjointed where Ruth White feather Feldman (Kathy Bates) who is a legalized cannabis advocate had started a diverse career. After years of working as a legalized cannabis advocate she decided to run her Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. She has a newly graduated son who with a team of young bartenders helps Ruth to tackle highs and lows together in the dispensary. The show Disjointed even highlights the benefits of Marijuana plant and issues like PTSD.

Unfortunately, Netflix had canceled Disjointed after its second season ended because Disjointed failed to acquire the number of viewership tat the creators were expecting and it also failed to impress the critics although the intentions of Disjointed were quite good.  Disjointed both the earlier seasons received very less positive response and therefore Netflix decided to cancel the premiering of this particular program. So, unfortunately it is very likely that Disjointed season 3 will not come back for its viewers or even if it comes back then for that the fans of Disjointed will have to wait for an unexpected period of time.

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