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China app allows government to SPY users

by The Suyash

China spy

Cyberspace is a huge world. Recently, china’s app is brought in the controversy that it has a backdoor allowing china’s govt. to spy on the users phone.

  • It is claimed that over 100M+ users are being affected by the spying app. This app is widely promoted through ads too.
  • If a person installs the application on their phone. They essentially allow china’s communist party to spy on their phone via the backdoor in the application.
  • A german cybersecurity firm has been contacted named “CURE53“. They analyzed through reverse engineering. 
  • What they’ve found was shocking. The app contains a backdoor that gives access to the communist Chinese party to have access to users as if they are owners.
  • The party responded by denying the charge that they wanted to spy users.


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