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Cain and Abel Download | Complete Tutorial [2021]

If you are looking for a password recovery tool for the windows operating system. Cain and Abel can be a great choice for you. Here is the information regarding Cain and Abel download” and tutorial.

cain and abel download

Using Cain and Abel you can do a lot of stuff including dictionary attacks, brute force, and cryptanalysis attacks.  All those can be used in the software to recover many kinds of passwords.

Cryptanalysis attacks can be done via rainbow tables which can be generated with the winrtgen.exe program provided with Cain and Abel. Dictionary attacks basically mean trying different possible passwords which can be in hundreds, thousands, or even millions from dictionary files.

Whereas Bruteforce attack includes systematically checking all possible passwords and passphrases until the correct one is found. Cain and Abel also have some security advantages too by indicating where passwords are vulnerable in an active system.

Now windows users can too claim their they are not useless. LOL 🙂 Keep reading amazing stuff coming next.

Cain and Abel Features:

  • Locate WiFi password data.
  • Discover possible passwords for Windows operating system
  • Dictionary-based words, brute-force password checking, and other methods can be used.
  • Reveal hidden password fields.
  • Sniff out data saved on drives to discover where passwords may be located
  • Can be used for security to verify what can be easily discovered on your own system.

Requirements of Cain & Abel:

  • More than or equal to 10Mb Disk Space.
  • Winpcap Packet Driver (v2.3 or above).
  • Airpcap Packet Driver (for passive wireless sniffer / WEP cracker).
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista OS.
  • Some common sense. LMAO 🙂

Cain and Abel Download:

You can “Cain and Abel download” software by clicking the button below.

Installation steps are further included in the article already.

cain and abel download


After you have finished downloading the software from the above given button. You then can launch the software by clicking on it.

Installing process is quite simple as other software in windows. You can easily do it. Just select the destination and press continue in the installation wizard 🙂

How to use Cain and Abel? | Tutorial [2021]:

After you have finished installing the software. You then need to launch it.

1. First, we need to configure the network card:

You need to know the MAC Address of the network card. To find it.

Fire your CMD (Command Prompt)

Type: ipconfig /all

You can save the results from CMD for future use or you can keep CMD open.

2. Fire Up Cain and Abel:

Click “Configure” on the main menu. It will open the configuration dialog box where you can select the desired network interface card.

You can see that there are very many configuration tabs.

We will be going through each one of them one by one understading each of them.

  1. Sniffer Tab: This tab allows us to define which Ethernet interface card we will use for sniffing.
  2. ARP Tab: This tab allows us to configure ARP poison routing to perform an ARP poisoning attack, which tricks the victim’s computer by representing other devices to get all traffic that belongs to that device, which is usually the router or an important server.
  3. Filters and Ports Tab: Most standard services with their default port running on.
  4. HTTP Fields Tab:
  5. Traceroute Tab: traceroute and tracert are computer network diagnostic commands for displaying possible routes and measuring transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol network.
  6. Certificate Spoofing Tab: Allow certificate spoofing from Wikipedia.

3. Cracking Passwords:

Cracking password is one of the most loved feature of cain and abel software.

Here is how to do it.

When Cain captures some LM and NTLM hashes or any sort of passwords for any supported protocols, Cain sends them automatically to the Cracker tab.

  1. Importing SAM File:

Go to cracker tab. Press the following button to import the SAM file.

How to Use cain and abel

2. You will now be able to see LM and NTLM hashes in the following image:

cain and abel download

3. Now you can choose to attack on target using any listed attack.

cain and abel download

Cain and Abel Video Tutorial:

YouTube video

Creating a Rainbow Table Using Cain and Abel:

As we have already discussed that cain comes with a software “winrtgen” that can be used to create rainbow tables. Although, there are many tools available to create rainbow table.

You can use winrtgen too for that.

Open File Explorer of your computer and locate: C:/Program Files/Cain/winrtgen

cain and abel download

You will be able to find the winrtgen tool there.

After firing up the winrtgen tool.

You can determine a hash algorithm, the minimum and maximum length of the password, and finally the charset that the password will use.

Then press OK.

cain and abel download

All done.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational purposes. The use of any tool on our website illegally is not supported or promoted by cyberspacehawk.com. You are responsible for your own actions.


Cain and Abel is an amazing tool you can use for your benefit. Don’t use this tool for any illegal purposes.

We have discussed everything about this tool. From downloading to using this tool legally.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this article. You can share it with us via the comment section below. Team CSHAWK will be soon in touch with you.

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