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Brooklyn Hospital Under Attack by Hackers

by The Suyash

Brooklyn hospital

  • Brooklyn Hospital is located in New York City, USA. Recently, the center is notifying that patients[numbers not disclosed] may have exposed their information.
  • Even in July this year, the hospital reported unusual activities with its servers that were awful. After the research, it was found that ransomware had encrypted some of their systems. Still, no solid proof is present to prove that information was leaked or not. Data encrypted was unable to recover by the hospital.
  • Hospital website is showing “The privacy and security of information in our possession is one of the hospital’s highest priorities and, accordingly, we have strict security measures in place to protect the information in our care. Upon learning of this incident, we quickly took steps to restore our systems and ensure the security of our network. Further, we are reviewing our policies and procedures relating to data security and take steps to enhance our existing security protocols,” this statement to all the accounts. Brooklyn Hospital Center said.



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