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Avast For Chromebook | Installation Guide + Using it

If you are looking for antivirus software for your Chromebook. Avast can be a very good choice for you. Here are all the details regarding Avast for Chromebook.


Chromebook is a desktop Operating System that is widely used. It is the best cost-effective way of learning. Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, a unique Operating System. It comes with security by default but these days it is the main target of cybercriminals. Thus, the need of adding another layer of security arises. 

Avast for Chromebook is the best to serve the purpose.

Avast is an anti-virus, Google-approved app. 

Avast can be installed from the Chrome Webstore or Play Store.

How important is Avast for Chromebook?

Antivirus actually prevent, detect and remove infections on individual computing devices, networks and IT systems.

Installing an antivirus software is really important in any computer.

It typically adds a layer of security which prevents various malwares from entering your computer.

In short, malware can hijack a computer and its network. Hackers use it to steal passwords, delete files and render computers inoperable.

Thus, it is really important for your computer to have an antivirus.

For Chromebook you can use avast.

Features of Avast for Chromebook:

The most notable features are listed below

  • It gives a threatening alarm when your system comes in reach of any malicious link, websites containing scams.
  • It Provides you with safe search results.
  • It warns you of phishing scams before you access them.
  • It spots and blocks trackers so that your data is unshared and private.

Avast Online Security is the one that checks each website you visit and send you threatening alarm if something is wrong. 

Now more than 100 million Chrome users have installed it. Avast for Chromebook provides you with many golden features as well. 

Avast Premium Features:

  • If your phone is lost, it can secretly capture photos and audios of the thief.
  • It can show your phone’s last location before it is switched off.
  • It reduces ads from Avast mobile security.
  • It automatically registers your device as lost, if you have changed the SIM.
  • It provides you with App lock security to ensure your data is private.
  • You can directly contact Avast from the app for any query.

Installing Avast for Chromebook:

Here are easy-to-follow steps 

  1. Open Play Store on Chromebook.
  1. Type Avast in the search window. Click it.
  2. Hit on the Install button.
  3. Wait for a while. Click Open.
  4. Enter login credentials to sign in to Avast VPN. It secures your Chromebook.

You can install Avast using Chrome extension on Chrome Web Store.

Once the installation process is done, you can find Avast for Chromebook on the launcher.

Open it to protect your device’s privacy.

Through both ways, you can access the latest version of Avast Security for Chromebook. It has a hassle-free and user-friendly interface.


The built-in protection doesn’t make your Chromebook a bulletproof. If you do not add any antivirus to your operating system, within a matter of months it will be fit for trash heap ultimately leading to slow performance.

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Is Avast Safe to use?

Here is the Data collected by Avast:

  • URL
  • User`s feedback
  • Data used
  • All information about the device
  • Country
  • GUID (Internal extension Identifier).

Chromebook has undoubtedly lightning-fast performance but adding another layer of security will be a sensible purchase. By just hovering over the URLs, Avast tells you whether it is safe or not. 

So it is better not to rely exclusively on Google’s built-in mechanisms.

There are quite good options in the market like- Avira, Bitdefender, etc.

Avast helps you to check the rating of any website effortlessly which is rated by the growing community of 400 million Avast users. It blocks the websites that collect data based on your browsing activities or cookies.

Avast Official Website


We have discussed everything regarding Avast for Chromebook. From introduction to using this application.

Also, we hope that our efforts have helped you a lot.

If you face any issue regarding this article. You can always ask us via the comment section below. Team CSHAWK will get in touch with you soon.

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