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Anne with an E Season 4: Release date, Petition | Full details!

Anne with an E Season 4

Anne with an E (called Anne for its first season), a Canadian television series grounded on Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montogomery. It was created and a screenplay by Moira Walley-Beckett. It was released on CBC Television in Canada and on Netflix across the world. Anne with an E Season 1 was streamed on March 12, 2017, on CBC in Canada and on May 12, 2017, globally on Netflix.  Then its season 2 was released on August 3, 2017, and season 3 in August 2018. Soon after the completion of the third season, CBC and Netflix combinedly announced the cancellation of Anne with an E Season 4. Let’s talk about what happened next in detail!


Anne with an E Season 4: Petition 

CBC and Netflix canceled Anne with an E season 4 jointly, speculated reason was the conflict between their terms and agreements but they gave the reason that the series lacks the audience of the age range 25-54, which was challenged by the fans on Twitter and Facebook by questioning how CBC tracks viewer’s ages. Although CBC was indicating that the season 3 is the last season of the series as agreed upon by the Netflix but still fans started online and offline campaign, most of it was led by the Twitterati through the hashtag #renewannewithane. A petition was started by fans to challenge the cancellation of the series, additionally, they opposed by erecting billboards in NYC and Toronto by crowdfunding.

The finals season i.e., season 3 was released in January 2020 and soon season 4 was canceled by the CBC and Netflix, leaving many unwrapped plot lines in the story still left to be covered.

It’s one of the most loved series of its time. It received huge applause for raising social issues like orphaning, child abandonment, racism, gender inequality, etc. It received many awards and nominations. So, one can think of the huge fan base it has all across the world. So, fans couldn’t take the news of the denouncement of season 4 and they challenged the decision of the CBC and Netflix

Many campaigns have been started to save Anne with an E Season 4, so let’s see some of the major ones.

Fans of the Anne with an E opposed, by spending money from their own pockets to get and set the billboards all across Canada dominantly. Additionally, they made effort on the New York Times Square billboard and they also set these across some of the places globally.

The next major campaign was the signature petition in Change.org, which first started on November 25, 2019. There were more petitions spread across globally on the internet of varying responses. But this petition received over 6 lakh responses in June 2020 then passed over 10 lakh responses on July 25, 2020. As of now responses over 14 lakhs have been recorded which is still increasing at a faster pace.

The series renewal trends are still in continuation on Twitter with different hashtags. Even celebrities like Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and English Singer Sam Smith supported the cause on Twitter.

Anne with an E Season 4: Renewal chances

Even though the series is canceled by the creators and the distributors, there’re chances that Anne with an E season 4 may return to the viewers’ screen at any time depending upon the decision of CBC and Netflix. Though chances are rare for such occurrences still there’s a small possibility of the renewal of the series because, from past experiences, one can’t deny that campaigns brought back the series which has been canceled because of any reason.

So, everything is upon the decision taken by Netflix and CBC, we can just anticipate any positive result in our favor.

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