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Androrat Apk Free download Latest Android Hacking App

by The Suyash

Androrat apk

You might be searching for apps that you can use for hacking. “Androrat APK” is one of the best hacking apps that you must have in your Android Phone.

Introduction to Androrat APK?

This is an open-source app. It is a kind of mobile malware. It allows the attacker to hijack the victim’s Android mobile via the Remote Access Tool(RAT). This application is entirely developed in JAVA and first released in 2012.

You can use this application to have access control over one phone or device using your PC using the server application.

Androrat apk by securedyou.com

How Androrat Apk works?

If you are thinking about how this app works. Let me tell you that there are many applications available like this one to do the same thing. Therefore, the working of these apps is similar.

For this, you will need to use Social Engineering to install any application that has bonded malware. Now, when the victim will open the application[malware Bondbed] the app will get connected to the server or your computer. Therefore, now you’ll have access to use any feature of that phone. You can even duplicate phone numbers and much more.

Androrat apk” automates or eases the process of binding the application with a payload[Malware] with famous apps even FB, etc. So, by doing so the victim won’t be knowing about the application and would install it.

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Amazing Features Of Androrat!!!

As now you know that Androrat can perform every action[root] that an attacker needs to completely exploit the victim. You might be interested to know about its features cause this app is very famous among hackers.

  • Can hack Windows + Mac.
  • Read personal messages.
  • See the GPS location.
  • Extract the WIFI password.
  • Upload Files to victims’ devices.
  • Record Videos.
  • Click Snaps.
  • Monitor the victims’ devices entirely.

The “Androrat apk” can be used, not only to hack Android but also to Windows and Mac OS platforms too. This application can allow an attacker to read personal messages very easily. Also, the attacker can see the exact GPS location of the particular exploited device. Even the WIFI Password saved in the phone can be accessed. Most importantly you can upload or download any files that you want from the victim’s device. You can even use it as a Spy to record videos and clicks photos.

So, at all, I must say that this is a monster application that can be used for any purpose by the attacker.
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Download Androrat APK

If you want to download the apk. Just click on the link below to start the download:

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How To Use Androrat apk?

Using the apk is quite simple, after reading this tutorial. First, let us discuss the required things needed to run this application.


  • A computer with Java installed.
  • WIFI router.
  • Android Phone.
  • High-Speed Internet.
  • Router enabled with Port Forwarding.

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If you will use the application with firewall turned on, this will be potentially blocked. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it. So, make sure you disable it for sometime while performing the experiment.

  • First 1: Port Forward[6667]

  • Second 2: Create a NO-IP account and setup noip.


  • Then Download DUC that you will find on the NOIP website.
  • Open DUC and then press “refresh”.


  • After downloading “Androrat apk” from the link below.
  • Open Androrat binder.
  • Look at the upper side. Select “noip” from the tab.

Androrat download

  • Now save the information from the NOIP website and click on “Update”.
  • Select the Build tab from the top.

Androrat apk

  • In the IP section: Enter the hostname. Enter the port that you’ve forwarded.
  • Now press the “GO” option.
  • You gonna see a file named “framework.apk” in the androrat folder. The file which you are going to see is the bonded application with the payload. In order to successfully use it. The victim must install it.
  • In Androrat folder open “androrat.jar” file.
  • Click on Server >> Port[Enter Forwarded Port].
  • Restart the Jar file and you are all set to start using your tool.

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Disclaimer: The tool provided by our website is only for educational use and ethical purposes. Therefore, any unethical use of the tool is not supported by us and we do not have any responsibilities regarding it. Use it at your own risk if you want to. Thank you.


Androrat apk” is amazing application for hacking android devices easily. But as a pentester, I don’t prefer you to use any of these apps. Just try to build up your own and make use of it. Still, if you want you can try the apk for free. If you are downloading and using the application you are doing it at your own risk.

If you want any help from our team. You can contact us via the comment section below. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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