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Among Us Mod – Download Latest HACK APK

Among us MOD is the multiplayer online game developed and published by Innersloth. Being released in 2018, this game received massive recognition in 2020, during the lockdown. The theme of among us takes place in space and players in this game are like coloured cartoon astronauts without arms.

Among Us Mod

This received a positive review from critics and are praised for its gameplay. Although the game was going to launch Among Us 2 at the end of 2020, but dropped the idea and decided to focus more on its technical issues. The famous slang term ‘sus’ originated from this game.



This game can have players up to 10. Most of them are generally crewmates and some are imposters, in this case out of ten players, 7 of them are crewmates and the remaining 3 are an imposter. Similarly, for 8 players 6 crewmates and 1 imposter and so on. Maximum 4 players have to be there in a lobby.

The game starts and the crewmates are given tasks to complete and the imposters (that are selected secretively) are assigned to sabotage some in-game map functions like lighting, generator etc. However, they cannot perform and can only pretend to do a task.

The imposter can win in two ways either by killing crew to the point that they are equal in number or by sabotaging systems that crewmates did not solve in time. Similarly, in the case of crewmates, they can either win by completing all the tasks that they were individually assigned or by identifying imposters by calling the meeting (by cooldown set by the lobby leader) and ejecting them.

Among Us Mod



Among us MOD:

As the game grew its popularity, many of the users have gone little competitive in it as they wanted to be upfront and so-called “pro” in the game. This led to the increase in the usage of mod versions of Among us.

Now, this mod version enables players to gain the unfair advantage of either being an imposter or crewmates along with the other things. These advantages did affect the spirit of playing and was one of the main reasons for losing its popularity ever after that.

Many outside IT developers (not part of the game development crew) started working for the hacked versions of this game. Many firms introduced these hacked Among us APKs and got strong results too. These are developed for both the mobile and PC versions of the game.

People are downloading those files and winning the games easily as per their comfort. The game is similar to the original one but the options of additional supplies in the game were included, making it easy to kill imposter and for crewmates to find the imposter.

This brought down the sales and marketing of the game. And so, the different PC games like Valorant makes its strong effect in the gaming community leading to its downfall. This game was once known for its online gathering and communication is now failing to generate its audiences trust back.

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