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Among US Hacker – Everything You NEED to Know

Among us is a computer game which is developed by the company Innersloth and was released in 2018 and it is best describe as an online multiplayer social deduction game .Among  us is the latest rising sensation in the gaming community. It is a multiplayer games which can be played among 3 to 15 players, although there must be five players recommended at least out of which randomly and secretly 3 player has been choosen to be imposter in each round. “Space mafia “is the real name of among us game. In the following game you play as a checkmate trying to complete tasks , while one imports tries to sabotage you.

Among US Hacker

Among US Game Hacker

Among us has become highly popular games is it was released in 2018, the spaceship setting and the constant tension and fear among crew mates  to find out imposter and eliminate them has set the internet and on fire and creating more curiosity among children.

Eris Loris- many players of among us tries to play the game at its peak  popularity with wide variety of mods and versions. As the game do not have a decent anti cheating system many players often try to cheat the game in order to get free wins and also tries to exploit  the game of other players this issue has been taken advantage by one of the hacker named Eris Loris who boots all the existing players in a lobby out of the games by  sending them threatening message.

Dealing the hack and the hacker

Eris Loris is a youtuber who operates a gaming channel.

So very firstly it is advised to do not subscribe  to such kind of infamous youtube channel ,it will probably make such accounts famous and relevant.

And if anyone by the name Eris Loris tries to send you message directly ban him also stay away from the north american server while playing on public lobbies, because in north american server it is in which eris has targeted the majority of players and compromise for now.

Among US Hacker

Cheating in online lobby vs cheating in single player( free play)

In multiplayer lobby only the host of the game is able to use over powered hacks like being invisible ,skin hacks and so on.

Whereas cheats including instant hacks, walking through walls, instant wins and teleporting are some of the hacks possible in freeplay single player mode.

Possible Hacks

It is quite easier to getting cheated on mobile than pc . However the process is far more difficult then many but still a lot easier than hacking the game manually modding  the game app or getting scammed  by generator may claim to be easier but never worked as the are all fake.

Mod menu are the  most simple way to cheat on mobile.only request to download the file and in some cases over writing some system files .jailbreak are usually required to install mod on mobile which is the the redo it is recommended to install mods all the existing cheaters.

 speed hack, wall hack and hack to be an imposter always and the god mod hack where you can kill as much as player you want without having any waiting for the cool down our some of the popular  possible hacks in the gameplay.

Summing up

If youv ever faces a hack in the game play try not to give upon the game.Build  in your own private lobby that can give you ultimate fun as you with would be with right person and with your favorite steamers as well. ao try to gather your friends from your locality and make your own private lobby and enjoy the game to a vast extent.

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