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Among Us Hack – Download Latest GAME APK

Among Us Hack: Similar to the PC version Among Us was released in the IOS and Android platforms too to reach its more audiences and were successful to do so, they did gain a massive number of players from the play store and app store as well.

Among Us Hack


With the similar concept of looking for the imposter and performing the tasks and from another side, trying to kill and get the win was the basic concept for this game, and in the mobile version, it follows the same.

On the mobile version, the joystick is provided on the screen along with the report option if you are a crewmate or the kill option if you are an imposter. The UI fits it perfectly to the mobile screen and the chat system for the discussion and all that are pretty well managed in the mobile version.


The mobile version gained popularity very quickly and even more than PC ones. Especially in India, since mobile gaming has been the topmost gaming preference compared to that of PC, most of the game streamers are playing these games in their streams.

Since the Indians viewership on gaming comes more from the PUBG, the streamers were also famous and watched every game they played. Thus, the introduction of Among us by the Indian streamers planted the seeds of its popularity here itself.

Among Us Hack

Through these initial moves the mobile version has reached the skies, even though the little privacy concern, downloaded and played by the many individuals in this region. Which benefited the game developers and publishers as they generated massive revenue through this mobile platform.

Also, if you include other Asian regions similar effects can be observed.



Among us Mod Menu APK:

Among us, hacked mobile versions were more popular in India, as most of the users in this region are more involved in mobile games. Thus, among us, mobile phones were popular along with the mod versions.

Mobile versions have all the options similar to that of the PC version. Some hacked mod ones provide you with all the skins and pets that are supposed to be brought in-game shops. The game also does not support the functioning of the lighting issue done by the imposter. It means, if the light is gone in the game, you can still see all the things around clearly and easily identify the killer.

Among Us Hack

The Imposters also get benefited through the mods, as there is no cooldown after every kill they make, it also adds extra space in some mod versions where imposters can hide and some allow them to displace from their position and they cannot be caught.

Among Us Hack also makes the user select their roles before starting the game and set their cooldown or meeting time according to the game. It not only ruins the game but also the public interest too, leading it to a dramatic loss of audience for the game.

Looking at the hacked versions being used widely; the game creators make some necessary changes that detect foul play and ban the user for a particular time. If that user continues to use it and gets caught then he/she can be banned for a lifetime.
 But even after the necessary changes and updates, the mods were recreated and some worked even after the detection, making the game cracked. Among us was at one time loved because of the team play and the discussions that crewmates make according to the facts. Also, the tactics used by imposters are cool to watch. But the mobile hacked versions ruined its synergy along with the toxicity that the game has developed by different lobby use

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