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Akinator Unblocked [5 Steps] – Play Akinator Game [2023]

Do you like puzzle games? Games that combine both brain work and fun? Akinator Unblocked is just the same. Akinator is the digital version of the ‘Twenty questions’ game where the computer asks you some questions and it guesses the answer. Impressive, isn’t it?

Akinator Unblocked

The fun part is you can think of literally anything and the computer catches it correctly, not always though.

What is Akinator Unblocked all about?

Akinator unblocked is launched by a French company which you can find in every Windows system and windows mobile.

This is a super interesting game that you cannot forget once you play. You can play it alone or with any of your friends.

During the game, You have to think about a character and answer the questions displayed on your device screen. There are 15 questions generally but if the character in your mind is not a popular one, the game asks you more questions.

It is pretty like a genie is reading your mind and guessing the answer. For this reason, maybe, the game logo has a cartoon genie on it.

The secret of Akinator UnBlocked:

There’s a secret in the game that we are going to talk about. ELOKENCE.com has published the limuli program which the game uses.

The algorithm is original and a secret of the company. They have never disclosed it so that no one knows.

Akinator Unblocked

Start the game Akinator unblocked

As a player, you have to think about any popular/non-popular character of your choice. Then start answering the questions you see on your device screen after clicking on the play button on the MENU.

When the game comes to n end, it tells the correct answer which you were thinking.
It is pretty wondering how mere a game can know what’s going in your mind. But that’s the purpose it has been built.

Next, you have to upload an image of the character you have been thinking about. The moderator accepts the new image you suggested.
If you want to change and edit some details about the character, you can do it too.

YouTube video

If in rare cases, the Akinator unblocked game is unable to reach the correct point of the answer, you need to type the name of the character in the database

How to unblock AKINATOR?

Go through these simple methods to unblock the game easily.If you use a window system to open the game, a host file is present there. You have to change the URLfrom this host file.

  • Run notepad using administrator privilege.
  • Open the host file.
  • Search for the Akinator website. If it is listed there, delete the line and save the file.
  • Now, go to the 4ever proxy website.
  • Write the URL of the Akinator website there which you have saved.
  • Click on GO.
Akinator Unblocked website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I talk to AKINATOR?

Tell Google assistant that you want to speak to AKINATOR and you will get it.

Is the game free to play?

You can play it online only but there are no additional charges. So, yes it is free.

Install and download AKINATOR UNBLOCKED now to enjoy the game. Thanks for reading.


We have gone through each and everything that you probably need to know about Unblocking Akinator.

Now hopefully you have unblocked akinator and are able to play it. If you need any assistance or help. Feel free to comment down below. We will try to help you out very soon.

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