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Absentia Season 4: Release date, Cast, Plotline

Absentia Season 4

Absentia, an American brainteaser drama revolving around the mysteries of Emily’s disappearance. Its first season was premiered on September 25, 2017. The second season on March 26, 2019, the third on July 17, 2020, and now its turn for the fourth season. It was a thrilling series with lots of mysteries to be unrevealed for the fans.

Absentia season 4: Probable Cast

Since Amazon Prime Video has not yet renewed the series for a fourth season. So, we can expect the cast from previous seasons to repeat their roles at least. And there may be a few additional characters though that’s unpredictable as of now who’ll be them. So, let’s recap who were the characters and actors in the previous seasons of Absentia.

  1. Stana Katic being Emily Byrne
  2. Patrick Heusinger being Nick Durand
  3. Cara Theobold being Alice Durand
  4. Neil Jackson being Jack Byrne
  5. Angel Bonanni being Tommy Gibbs
  6. Bruno Bichir being Dr. Daniel Vega
  7. Paul Freeman being Warren Byrne
  8. Ralph Ineson being Adam Radford
  9. Christopher Colquhoun being Derek Crown
  10. Patrick McAuley being Flynn Durand
  11. Lydia Leonard being Logan Brandt
  12. Richard Brake being Conrad Harlow
  13. Matthew Le Nevez being Cal Isaac
  14. Natasha Little being Julianne Gunnarsen
  15. Hugh Quarshie being Dr. Semo Oduwale
  16. Geoff Bell being Colin Dawkins
  17. Josette Simon being Rowena Kincade
  18. Ross O’Hennessy being Armstrong
Absentia Season 4

Absentia Season 4: Plot

Since Absentia has not been yet renewed for the fourth season, so it’s open for wide speculation for the storyline which will make up season 4.

Absentia started with season 1 in which Emily Byrne, an FBI special agent who disappears in the show’s starting while hunting one of the most notorious killers of Boston and thus was declared dead. But six years later, she returns to her family with no memory of what has happened to her in the meantime. While her spouse remarried and her only son barely has any remembrance of her. Later on, she finds herself intrigued as the prime suspect of a series of murders. 

But at the end of the third season, she was fortuitously able to unveil Special agent Julianne Gunnarsen’s deception, before escaping everything to live a new life, falsifying the deaths of her former husband and son. She also let her love interest known of her new life and thus we saw Cal Isaac seeing a new Emily working at a café at the end of the third season. So, there’re many plots still left to be speculated even though the third season ended up, on a good note binding up everything. 

Absentia Season 4: Release date

Since the creators of the show haven’t yet renewed, Absentia for season 4 or hasn’t revealed anything about it further, so when the fourth season will be telecasted on the viewer’s screen is completely unpredictable.

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