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1337x Proxy/Mirror Sites [Updated] | 1337x Alternatives [2020]

1337x proxy

If you are a true fan of torrents and magnet links. You must have heard about the 1337x Proxy. This is one of the best websites to download torrents and magnet links which essentially allows you to download apps, movies, tv-series, etc.


1337x proxy is one of the marvelous services out there to download any of the desired torrent files.

But now this website, even most of the marvelous websites like this are banned in the countries in the UK, the US, etc.

As they eventually promote piracy and due to copyright notices, these websites are taken down in many of the countries. But does it mean you can’t use them? Definitely NO, You can surely surf these websites and use them for your own benefit.


If any website gets forbidden by the govt. You can still surf it by using proxy websites or a mirror website.

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1337x Proxy/Mirror Sites [Updated] | 1337x Alternatives [2020]

If you don’t know about what is a mirror website? Don’t worry I was too like you once. They are just the replica of the original website.

The server of the replica and the original website is the same. But the websites have different domain names.

As I’ve explained to you above in the first paragraph the same continues. So, finally, you were looking for the proxy websites of the 1337x proxy website.

Thus, here is the list of the amazing mirror/proxy websites of the original website.

This is the list:

Updated on: 24 June 2020

1337x Proxy ListCountryStatusSpeedSSL
TorrentProxy – Top Sites Proxy listglobalGlobalOnlineVery FastYes
1337x.wtfUKUKOnlineVery FastYes
1337x.appUSUSOnlineVery FastYes
1337x.liveproxy.orgUKUKOnlineVery FastYes
1337x.siteUSUSOnlineVery FastYes
the1337x.orgUSUSOnlineVery FastYes

Best 1337x Proxy Alternatives:

There is one of the best ways to use the service.  Instead of using the website that is blocked in your country. You can even use their substitute websites.

1. Pirate Bay Proxy:


The Pirate’s Bay is one of the most famous websites which you can use as an alternative to the 1337x proxy websites. This is too a very good website from where you can download your torrent files.

2. Kickass Torrents:1337x-proxy

This website is similar to the pirate’s bay website.  From here also you can download the torrent files and use it for free. Only if it is working in your country.

3. Torrent Downloads:


Working with this service is as simple as their name.

You just need to open their website and start using it.

This service has the same user interface as 1337x proxy

Thus you can consider this as an alternative.



Why 1337x is banned?

As it promotes piracy. Thus, the government in many countries block it to stop piracy.

Final Words:

1337x proxy is one of the best alternatives to use 1337x. People were however not able to use it. As it was blocked because it promotes piracy.

Thus, this article will give them information about the 1337x proxy to unblock the service and use it without any hassle.

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