1movies.tv – 14 Proxies/Mirrors To Unblock [2020]

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1Movies.tv is one of the best solutions to enjoy your favorite ad-free content related to movies and TV shows.

The 1Movies.tv is fully loaded with a massive library which is updated on regular basis.

The library containing TV shows, Movies, Videos, etc.

People really enjoyed using this service to watch their content.

But now the matter is changed.

1movies.tv is now entirely blocked in most of the countries such as USA, UK, etc.

Furthermore, it is blocked in countries that have a huge user base of this service.

Therefore, most people are not able to enjoy or watch their favorite TV shows or movies through 1Movies.tv and you are also one of them…

If you are thinking that why these amazing services/websites are blocked by the ISP.

The reason is that they stream copyrighted content on their website for free which violates the law.

Therefore, copyright owners have full rights to take down such websites at any point in time.

 What are 1Movies.tv and its Proxies?


If you are not aware of the 1movies.tv.

Let me give you a brief introduction to it.

Basically, it was a website where you can search for your favorite content related to movies, TV Shows, etc. for free without even spending 1 cent.

Now that sounds amazing, right?

But the problem is that these websites are hated by copyright owners as it violates the copyright policy of their content.

Due to streaming to pirated content.

Copyright owners filed so many cases against this causing shutdown of the service.

Still, there are many ways through which you can access this website.

If you are not aware of what proxies are?

Let me explain to you like you are FIVE.

They are just the replica of the original website.

The server of the replica and the original/official website are the same.

But the websites have different domain names.

This is because of govt. blocks a service through its domain.

To understand it better you need to understand DNS Servers functionality.

Let’s understand it better.

I know you just want the download link still for some intelligent people…

“abc.com” is the domain name to make understanding simple.

When you type in the “abc.com” in your browser. The request goes to the DNS server.

DNS server typically resolves domain into its IP address.

For example, “abc.com” will resolve into something like “”.

Then your request is further processed.

Govt. blocks the DNS server from resolving a particular domain into its IP.

Thus, the website becomes inaccessible.

You might be thinking why so much nuisance.

Can’t we connect the straight domain to the server?

The answer to this is “NO“.

As servers don’t recognize the domain.

They only recognize IP addresses.


They are:

  • Visit Proxies/Mirrors.
  • Using a VPN connection.

In this article, we will talk about both of them.

Starting from the VPN to unblock the blocked website.

Editor’s Choice:

Using Proxies to unblock 1Movies.tv:

If you are not looking to use a VPN connection.

There is a solution for that.

Basically, a free VPN provides very less speed and the paid one is really expensive.

Therefore, if you can’t buy a paid VPN.

You can either use proxies as an alternative to that.

1movies.tv – 14 Proxies/Mirrors To Unblock:

Here are some of the best proxy website which you can visit to enjoy your favorite content.

These lists are updated on a regular basis.

Still, these proxies stop working at a certain point in time.

But there are 10 proxies so you can use any one of them which works fine for your country and system.

You can google the name as the URL of these proxies are changed on a regular basis.

Therefore, it is very hard to keep all of them updated in a list.

So, you can just copy the name below and google it.

After it, click on the first link. You will find your results.

SL. No.1Movies Proxy/MirrorsStatusResponseLink
1.1movies.isOnlineVery FastVISIT
2.1movies.cloudOnlineVery FastVISIT
3.1movies.laOnlineVery FastVISIT
4.1movies.chOnlineVery FastVISIT
5.1movies.plOnlineVery FastVISIT
6.1Movies UnblockedOnlineVery FastVISIT
7.UK ProxyOnlineVery FastVISIT
8.1Movies.cabOnlineVery FastVISIT
9.Hideoxy proxyOnlineVery FastVISIT
10.US ProxyOnlineVery FastVISIT
11.1movies.liveOnlineVery FastVISIT
12.www3.1movies.isOnlineVery FastVISIT
13.fastdramaOnlineVery FastVISIT
14couchtunerhubOnlineVery fastVISIT

Using a VPN to unblock 1Movies.tv:

Using a VPN seems a bit complicated for new users.

Therefore, let me give you an introduction to using a VPN connection.

VPN is a software that allows you to surf the internet from another location, from another IP address.

Using a VPN is quite simple.



  • Step 1: Download and install the VPN.
  • Step 2: Sign-in or Sign up for the VPN service.
  • Step 3: Connect to the desired location just by selecting it.

If you want to know in-depth about VPN you can refer: What is VPN? How does it work?

Now you’ve successfully connected to a VPN connection and now you can surf any banned website in your country.

Disclaimer: Cyberspacehawk and its team are not responsible for any actions you take or do online. We are strictly against piracy and also we don’t even promote it. We respect the copyright owners and their work. This article is only for educational purposes.

Best VPN to Unblock 1337x proxy:

As I’ve told you in the article that the VPN is one of the best and secure way to unblock your official website without any hassle.

Therefore here are the best VPN to use to unblock 1337x Proxy Official.

  1. TOR Guard: Tor Guard is a multi-purpose VPN that can be used for various purposes. So, if you are looking for multi VPN usage. This is the best VPN that you can buy. TOR GUARD WEBSITE
  2. NordVPN: This is one of the best VPN ever that you can use to watch online videos as it is completely made for it. NORDVPN WEBSITE
  3. CyberGhost: Cyberghost VPN is even used by me as the owner of CSHAWK. Therefore, you can too use it for your use. CYBERGHOST WEBSITE
  4. IP Vanish: This is too a VPN that you can use according to your budget. IP VANISH WEBSITE

All the above VPNs are the best VPNs selected by our team CSHAWK. 

If using a VPN software cause a bit hassle.

Which is definitely a cause for a new user.

Then instead of trying a VPN, you can just use up the proxy websites below.

Top 10 Alternatives to 1Movies.tv:

If you just don’t want to use 1Movies.tv or want to try something new.

Here is the list of top 10 Alternatives to 1Movies.tv

These alternatives were really hard to find for us.

But for you, our CSHAWK team spent almost 2 weeks to find the best alternatives for you.

We hope you will enjoy it…

#1 Vumoo.life


Vumoo can also become a nice alternative for 1Movies.tv.

Apart from the amazing UI like Netflix and other paid services.

Vumoo also provides amazing HD quality videos that you can enjoy.

Vumoo requires a good internet connection.

Also, it allows you to watch all the videos offline.

You can watch Movies, TV shows, etc. on Vumoo.life

URL: Vumoo.life

#2 Kiss Anime


This website is entirely dedicated to Anime lovers.

It only streams Anime content in Full HD quality.

You can watch all sorts of anime on this website.

Luckily this website is updated on a regular basis.

This means you can even watch the latest anime release after it has been uploaded on the website.

This website can replace your favorite 1Movies.tv service only if you are an anime fan.


#3 Viewster

viooz : Viewster

Viewster is an amazing service which you can use for an alternative.

It is a very good service providing an updated content library for its users.

You can prefer this too.



viooz : CMOVIES

This website is no different from other websites/services on our list. It works exactly the same.

Speaking very frankly.


#5. 123Movies

Viooz : 123Movies

123 Movies is one of the best alternatives in our list.

This was also banned by the govt. but you can still use it by its proxies.

Thus, we have provided you with the working link right now.



#6 Niter Movies


First, the quality is very important, and Niter has all the movies online in the most highest quality HD 1080p.

But maybe you are thinking that this quality affects the speed of the videos, but no, the charge is super-well and the movies never stop playing.


#7 SONY Crackle


When it comes to SONY, the name is enough to define its service.

If you are not aware of the crackle by SONY.

This is the time to know about it.

Crackle is a US-based OTT video streaming platform that is a joint venture between Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television.


#8 Snag Flims


Snagfilms streams over 10k+ old classic movies on their server.

If you are the lover of old classic then this website is definitely suited to you.


#9 Kodi


Kodi is an open-source home theatre program that is made entirely to benefit the users.

It is a non-profit technology consortium.

Furthermore, it is even available in various operating software which gives a slight edge in its usage.


#10 Classic Cinema Online


If you are a great lover of old classic movies.

This service could help you with that purpose.

Its library has a lot of old classic movies which you can watch seamlessly.


Bottom Line:

1MOVIES.TV is really amazing service. Isn’t it? let me know in the comment section below.

In this article, Team CSHAWK has researched and mentioned the best live proxies for the United States to watch your content seamlessly.

The list of all the proxies and mirrors for 1movies.tv is updated on a regular basis.

Also, on many requests. We’ve added the list of alternatives to 1Movies.tv.

We hope you have liked it.

If you are 1movies.tv fan than this article would help you to watch your favorite website for free.

If you face any issues let our team CSHAWK know about it via the comment section down below. We will try to respond as soon as possible and will get in touch with you to resolve your problem.


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