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Backwards 3 ‘Ɛ’ – How to Type it in 1 Second?

The Backwards 3 is that symbol available that looks like a reverse ‘’E’’ alphabet or a reverse 3 in a numeric form. It is basically used on social media sites primarily where people mostly used it to demonstrate the ‘’love’’ symbol in the chatroom with other people or on usual status space. In a nutshell, it can be said that this Backward 3 symbol is used as a unique love emoji.

Backwards 3

How Backward 3 symbol can be typed ?

It might be a tricky task to type the Backward 3c symbol on most of your devices. It is a straightforward way to type this symbol. Here are some of the where you can learn how to type this symbol on different devices.

Most smartphones do not allow you to type this symbol whether in Android or IOS. But you need not worry about it because you can type this symbol of Backward 3in your smartphones by following few tricks. You just need to copy the Backward 3 symbol from here ‘’Ɛ’’ as plain text and combine it with the symbol ‘’>’’ which could be quite easy for you.

Once you combine these symbols you get the full symbol of heart Ɛ> and then you are all set to use the love symbol wherever you want without making anyone uncomfortable. The same steps can be followed by you to use this symbol of Backward 3 in your PC and then use it as per your choice.

What is Backward 3 ‘’Alt’’ Code?

Are you looking for a Backwards 3 Alt code? Then the answer to that is you just to type ‘’0190’’ and then you will have to press ‘’ALT-X’’ to get it converted into reverse ‘’E’’ or symbol ‘’Ɛ’’ for this all just you need to do is copy this symbol anywhere on your device and then use it from there.

Other ways to the Backward 3 symbol

Other ways to use the Backward 3 symbol are that you can open either Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then browse it to get a variety of character styles of the same symbol. When you have done all these steps then follow the given steps and instructions.

You just need to click on the ‘’Insert’’ tab on the ribbon and then click on the ‘’Symbol’’.

After doing this, a new window will open which will be containing a long list of characters and symbols from where you can choose among the several different characters that look like a Backward 3 symbol. However, most of your will have to be included with using standard windows fonts like Arial or Times New Roman.

So, now you know how you can use this somewhat thought of complicated symbol in a very easy way in your social media chatrooms and status display and express your love to your loved ones without having to face problems as to how to type your favorite symbol of Backwards 3.

Links to few videos that might help you to know more about this very special symbol Backward 3.

YouTube video
YouTube video

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